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Endorsements for Hill Mandolins
Andy Ball of the Lonesome River Band
Andy says it's gorgeous, but that the finish isn't what reels him in— it's the sound. Click here to listen for yourself! (video will be here soon, please check back.)

Brad Hill and Andy Ball discuss mandolins

Above: Andy Ball and Luthier, Brad Hill.
Right: Andy Ball.



Andy Ball plays his Hill Mandolin

Visit Our Showcase to hear Andy Ball play his Hill Mandolin.

The Anita Fisher Band
James Kee plays his Hill mandolin with great enthusiasm!

Hill and Fisher

Above: Anita Fisher and Luthier, Brad Hill. Right: James Kee.


James Kee plays his Hill mandolin


  Austin Boggs, mandolin player and lead vocalist for The Midnight Ramblers
Austin plays a Stanley Tone by Hill Mandolins; the Sweet Tea finish is as delicious as the tone! A note from the Midnight Ramblers: "It is people like Brad Hill that keep this tradition alive with his superior craftsmanship. Brad is very detail oriented and each instrument is of utmost quality."

Austin Boggs Plays Hill Mandolin Stanley Tone


Alan Perdue, formerly of
IIITyme Out

"My Hill mandolin is a modern day player and it sounds vintage. I feel like I play better with this mandolin than I have in a long time. I love it."



Alan Perdue


  Goldwing Express
Bluegrass, Old Time Country and Southern Gospel
Now playing in Branson, MO on a Hill Mandolin.



The Bluegrass Strangers
Traditional Bluegrass at its best.




Dr. Ralph Stanley
This page features Stanley's endorsement of Hill Mandolins, the special series of Stanley Tones, and links to the Ralph Stanley Museum and Traditional Mountain Music Center. At right, Nathan Stanley practices with his grandfather.





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