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Hill Mandolin’s Luthier, Bradley Hill


Bradley Hill holds a Stanley Tone, Tradition



At work on a Hill F-Style Mandolin.

Tradition is as deeply ingrained in my approach to creating quality mandolins as the distinct patterns are ingrained in the woods we choose. My father, a lifelong purveyor of specialty woods, raised me to appreciate the rolling sheen of a good piece of curly maple as it blooms when rubbed with stain. At Hill Mandolins, we take pride in choosing each piece of your new instrument from our carefully aged and maintained collection of bookmatched sets.

Raised in the mountains of Dickenson County, Virginia—which is steeped in the culture of old-timey, country and bluegrass music—I have been surrounded by music all my life. I have played guitar since the age of twelve. My degree in classical performance guitar from Radford University rounds my musical training, enabling me to respond, across genres, to the individual requests of particular musicians.

Our ability to customize mandolins with a variety of aesthetic and tonal preferences makes our instruments the perfect match for discerning musicians. It is our hope that you will consider this opportunity to merge our passion for producing instruments of exquisite quality with your passion for producing your own unique sound.

Bradley Hill, Luthier





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