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The Finishing Touches

The finishing touch is no cliché at Hill Mandolins. A banquet of color choices enables us to create a mandolin which is as individual as the artist who will play it. Once hand-rubbed with stain, Hill Mandolins are delicately sealed. An ultra-thin layer of nitrocellulose lacquer in satin or gloss is applied to protect the instrument without interfering with its sound quality. If you prefer, you can ask for an oil varnish finish.


When a Hill Mandolin is in your hands, you will see the undulating sheen created by light playing on the ingrained texture of our beautiful curly maple. To imitate this effect on the internet, we created a subtle animation to show you the visual movement of the wood. Shown from left to right are vintage, molasses, sweet tea, chocolate and sourwood honey.

  The samples below reveal the colors as they appear bookmatched and curved into the rounded surface of the mandolin’s back.   

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